Sunday, 9 December 2012

web internet control for 2B

It has been yet another busy weekend, with Christmas fast approaching, I seem to send more time buying christmas presents that doing the 1000s of other things I need to do. Having fun with my new AppleTV, but I digress.
Commander2 has been quite a hit for our users, with the new interface and PC/Mac options being very popular as well as the Control over the Internet, but something was missing. Nigel over at has done sterling work with both his E-Stim Server systems and a new Android App, but I wanted something more universal.. I use an iPhone so an Android interface is not going to work for me, and Apple wouldn't allow any adult related apps in their store, so I have to come up with something different, so an http interface is the result....

Irts a bit rough around the edges... mode control and power level switching is not yet working, but it does work :-)

It should be released in the next few days.