Tuesday, 25 June 2013

E-Stim Systems and the BBB

Dear All,

It is with a heavy heart that I can confirm that E-Stim Systems are not going to be returning to the BBB, at least not for the near future. We have had many great times with the customers and the team from the BBB, but as our business grew we found ourselves overwhelmed with orders, and found attending the regular monthly events to be more and more difficult.

Luckily in August 2012, a very good friend Nick from DOM-estics, stepped in and took on the mantle of running the E-Stim Systems stand at the BBB. Sadly as many of you know Nick suddenly passed away recently leaving a massive gap in our lives.

As part of the E-Stim Systems family Nick soon became a invaluable asset. Every month Nick would trundle up to the BBB, get our stand setup and spend his entire day zapping the passing customers and showing people just how much fun electroplay can be. His enthusiasm was infectious. Although the stand was started by Caz and myself, and branded as E-Stim Systems, Nick soon made it his own.

Because of this, and the fact that time has not yet healed the wound that loosing Nick has left in our lives, I do not feel able to step into such a great mans shoes, and so E-Stim Systems will no longer be exhibiting at the BBB, at least for the near future. This does not mean we won't be seen around the BBB, just we won't be running a stand, and of course its not the end of E-Stim Systems as we can be found on the web, and in a growing number of shops.

 Several other traders have asked to stock E-Stim Systems kit, so you will not be left without our toys at the markets, and we will continue to support Barb and Dave, and all the other organisers, traders and visitors of events that helped to build us.

I was luckily enough to not just know Nick, but also to have him as an employee, colleague and above all a trusted friend.

"I need no headstone to mark his grave, I have his memory engraved on my heart"

Wayne Allen
E-Stim Systems