Thursday, 9 January 2014

Server Moves and cheaper shipping!!!

Well it looks like the server move worked well, with the new server up and running with the latest version of the webstore software happily ticking away. We still have some more work to perform on the server, but hopefully this won't result in any more down time.

Once of the changes we have implemented as part of the move is cheaper worldwide shipping!! Yes cheaper!!. Because we are based in the UK, it is sometimes difficult to explain the cost issues we have with shipping around the world. Most commercial shippers charge by volume and weight choosing the more expensive option (of course), so this does mean that a smaller packet can be disproportionally expensive. We have taken this into consideration and have linked up with DHL so if you purchase a control unit the likely hood is it will be shipped by a tracked courier, and could be delivered in days rather than the weeks the postal systems sometimes take!!