Monday, 10 March 2014

Monday Mornings

Monday mornings are always interesting when you come in and have a mountain of emails to wade through - I try not to grind my teeth too much when I get the irate where is my order email? - especially when you placed your order on Friday night, and we don't work over the weekend.

However Monday is always brightened when customers leave reviews, and I'd though I'd one.

This may sound hard to believe, but my second session with my E-Stim gear produced some of the most enjoyable erotic sensations I've ever experienced!   I am no novice to toys or play with others.  I am 50yrs old, and have been playing since my early 20s.  I have tried Lelo vibrators, and Aneros prostate massagers, cheap pumps, and masturbation sleeves.  I wouldn't mind trying Sybian's "milking" machine, and I have been curious about E-Stim for a long time, but the expense of both has put me off...  until now! 

The Intro2Electro packs caught my eye as being the most financially reasonable E-Stim gear to date.  I have purchased plenty of toys, and many fail to live up to their hype.  The Series 1 box is a wonderful exception.  I added a Classic bipolar electrode, and an E-clip to my "for Him" order, plus a tube of conductive gel.  In retrospect, I could have gone with the Ultra pack with more goodies for less overall.  No matter, I am completely satisfied with my purchase. 

E-Stim sensations are not what I expected...  it takes a bit of tweaking to customize the sensation.  And letting the sensations play for a few minutes allows some settling into the enjoyment.  After that, a certain amount of bliss overtakes me, and I feel like I could stay ALL DAY LONG.  Keep in mind, the electrical stimulation causes mucle contraction.  A certain amount of fatigue, and even muscles soreness, can occur if you play too long. 

I have already produced unexpected brilliant sensations from combining electrodes for one feeling, and having something altogether different occur.  The head of the bipolar electode meshed beautifully with a rubber loop cock ring to run a charge directly through my prostate for truly excellent pleasure. 

This little box, powered by a 9-volt battery, has more pleasure in store for me than any toy I've yet experienced.  Thanks E-STIM Systems for making it all possible!! -