Thursday, 19 March 2015

2B Latest Firmware now available

Hi All, 

The latest 2B Firmware update 2B.007 is now available. If you are interested in trying it out all you need to visit the support/developers forum, login, register as a developer if you are not already and then once approved you can navigate to the 2B Developers discussion and download the latest version.

You will of course need a 2B and Uplink 2.1 The firmware files are installable, so if you do not like it, you can re-install the stable version 2.104 and carry on playing.


2.B007 19/3/15

Fixed issues with output map B - should have no missing bits. Output maps allow advanced users to control how the levels change over the range of 0-100%

Added Join command to Commander

Commander DEFAULT command correctly resets join status

Switching power level no longer resets mode

Added new dynamic power level - automatically switches between LOW and HIGH, and everything in between over the whole range of 0 - 100% so 1% will be the same as 1% in LOW, 100% will be the same as 100% in HIGH

New ‘Fast Stereo' mode with faster sampling, less filtering increased response and a wider bandwidth & noise floor control.