Thursday, 12 March 2015

Yes we do make it

Don't you have everything made in Taiwan? NO we don't!

One of the things we are most proud of is the fact that we manufacturer virtually everything we sell in our own UK workshops. Here is a OMG head in production.

First we start with a solid aluminium billet. We use an aircraft grade alloy, yes it's more expensive, but it's much more durable and heavier that the cheaper metals.

Loaded up in our CNC lathe.

We run the program and get stage 1.
3" of aluminium alloy spinning 60 times a second gives quite a good finish. (and makes a serious mess if it falls off!!)

We then turn it around and run stage 2, drilling and tapping the head, and finishing off the base angle.

And end with an OMG head all ready for polishing and final inspection.

Designed and built to last, It's one of the reasons we find ourselves able to offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our premium electrodes as well as our power boxes.

Hope you like it