Monday, 28 September 2015

ABox Customer Review

We do have an online system for both store reviews and product reviews, but a customer was good enough to post us a more extensive review of his ABox, and gave us permission to publish it. Here it is in it's entirety. 

Good morning,

Usual praises, delivery speed / well packed / innofensive brown box - love the packing of the unit itself and the completeness of the contents of the box.

I don't usually write back once i've bought something, things are rarely 'that' good and very rarely outstanding however, on this occasion I 'felt' it warranted it. Got the Abox from the PostOffice on Sunday and had a play and a tinker with the bits and bobs - yeah ... i've used TENS before, this will be just like that ... i mean how much more sensitive can it be with the same 9V battery?
O M W :-D

I wish i'd bitten the bullet and bought one of these units years ago, it's a whole new level of fun, whether it's Microphone based or audio input based - just wow. I'm lucky enough to have a decent stereo in the car, it's about 1500WRMS with a 10" sealed box subwoofer and what i wasn't prepared for ( at ALL ) was the effect that has on an audio driven source, clean powerful sound really does do something doesn't it :)  Tried again on the way to work this morning in my other car, cattle grids are a hoot as are potholes  when you're in something light, cheap and french that rattles like hell. Even ordering McDonalds with the microphone wound right up was a hoot. Or just walking about knocking into stuff sets it off nicely .... even on low output levels, that sound driven output really does pack quite a kick with a suitably strong input volume / SQ .... i can only imagine what that would do when driven by nightclub levels of sound . Of course, none of this is new to you ...... new. favourite. toy for me.

Of course, everyone has different musical tastes / requirements .... but if you have something there that is capable of producing low frequency bass .... try some of these ;-)

I quite like electronic music, handily, stuff with bass sweeps and sine sweeps ;-) - if you get bored .. skip to about 1.50 in
and something for the guitar freaks ...

I'm going to 'work from home' for a few days this week and have a fresh dig back through my music collection.

Anyone who has a TENS driven unit and thinks they don't need anything else quite frankly needs a slap about the chops, they're missing out!!!   
Cheers again,