Tuesday, 3 November 2015

E-Stim Systems ElectroGel

Well its taken us a while, but we have finally launched our new E-Stim Systems ElectroGel. We have been looking for the right lube for quite a while, and since we couldn't find exactly what we wanted we sought out one of the top EU pharmaceutical companies to make exactly what we needed. Our new ElectroGel is the result.

Water Based

Firstly its water based. The water base aids the conductivity, and doesn't give that weird feel you get with some silicon lubes. Also its more compatible with humans, after all we are around 78% water, and when it dries out, you just add a little more. Its also easier to clean.

Its a Gel

Our ElectroGel is a gel. It is thicker than most. We have tried a number gels, some marked as designed for electroplay, and some just designed as a normal water based lube. Strangely enough one gel we tried, from another electroplay manufacturer was almost like water, you could pout it out the tube!!!

Its designed for internal use

Yes that means you can use it inside you. Pick up a tube of sex toy lube? does it say external use only? many of them do. They might be ok, but why take the risk? Our ElectroGel is designed to safe when used internally.

A small amount goes a long way

Because our ElectroGel is thicker, you only need a small amount to get everything to work, you can either dab a small amount onto an electrode before its inserted, or you can squeeze a small amount onto the tips of your fingers and gently rub it into the area you are playing with, lubricating and moistening the area. If things start to dry out then simply apply some more.

Easy to clean

As our ElectroGel is water based, all it takes is a quick wipe to clean everything up, and of course its washable. 

Latex Friendly

Our ElectroGel can also be used with latex condoms, but remember you cannot use a condom on an E-Stim Electrode - it will not work!!!

CE Mark

Our E-Stim Systems ElectroGel carries a European CE mark, so it has undergone a higher level of testing as a medical device, unlike many gels or lubes on the market that are just classed as a cosmetic.

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