Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Website moves and changes

Well it has taken over a week, but both our UK store and our Worldwide web store have now been upgraded and now run under https:// for increased security. We have also moved the worldwide store a little to rather than the older, but if you are still using the old links not to worry as they will redirect automatically.

Mobile Friendly
Both of our stores are now mobile and tablet friendly so it is even easier to order, and we are in the process of reviewing every product and ensuring you have the most up to date images and product data, If there is something you would like us to add about a product, then please drop us a line.

No change to your details
Unlike other websites we have retained all the login details so you will not have to retype all your details when placing an order. We know how annoying it is when you hit a new site and get the message - we have upgraded the store but could not be bothered to migrate your details over - grrrrrr!!!!

Why two?
Why do we have two stores? Well for those of us in Europe we have the fun of VAT to add to prices so rather than confuse our non EU customers, or annoy EU customers who are only told that VAT is added when they checkout, we have two sites. In addition our Worldwide store now runs under EST (New York time) so any special offers we run will end at the correct time for that zone. for customers in the UK and Europe for customers in the rest of the world